Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does the Sauce Make the Nugget?


Well, we went grocery shopping tonight...long overdue. We got home at a quarter to 7:00pm and a few hundred dollars poorer. [Don't shop when you're hungry!] I was starving of course, Christopher had to leave, and of course it was time for Em to eat. So I quickly baked some Tyson's breaded chicken tenders. I love Tyson's breaded chicken, nuggets and tenders. They have always been so delicious to me.

So I gave some to Em, and she loves chicken so she did just fine, and I started eating mine smothered in honey bbq sauce. A few tenders in, I realized I didn't care for the sauce. It's not the sauce I usually have. So I ate one tender without sauce.


So I started thinking..."why are my tastebuds weird?" "Why don't they taste as good as usual," "Maybe I got a bad batch..." And of course, I tried to eat more because a girl needs to eat. I finished them with a little sauce to drown out the dusgustingness, but a little enough amount of sauce that it wasn't overwhelming. What a way to eat dinner, eh?

So then I realized that everytime I have ever eaten Tyson's breaded chicken, I use the sauce that I normally buy. This whole time I thought I loved Tyson's chicken, and tonight I realized I don't really. I just love the brown sugar sauce. Mmmm. I'm actually disappointed.

A similar thing happened to me once before. I used to LOOOOOVE fried eggs, and hate scrambled eggs. I would only eat scrambled eggs in some kind of scramble with meat or veggies, or on occasion I would roll my eyes and eat them with ketchup. When I was pregnant with Emery, I started eating a fried egg. Disgusting. I couldn't figure out how I could even get them down my throat before. And I started loving scrambled eggs.

In the past month, I have tried a fried egg again. My mom made me. And it was okay. But I prefer scrambled. And it is still hard for me to eat the fried egg.

So, to my readers. All one of you. [Let's hope there is more] I have a question? Has there ever been any food that you absolutely loved until one defining moment when you realized it was disgusting? Please share. If you remember the defining moment, share that too.