Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Speaking of sleeping...

I finally made the bumpers to her crib! Not all by myself, thanks mom! But I'm still proud of the work that I did. I did most of it, just had my mom help on the parts I wasn't confident in. Doesn't it look cute? Next is the dust ruffle.

:) She fell asleep in the car holding onto my diaper bag.
We bought this moses basket for Emery. Right now she is sleeping in the basket, which is placed in her crib because the more snug she is, the better she sleeps. But sometimes she will nap in it in the front room or somewhere else if im at my mom's, I'll take it with me. She always turns her head up to the side and somewhat muzzles it. Also, I took pictures on a day that she kicked her leg up and it went through the handle. I guess she sleeps well with one leg up.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Utah Pictures

Here are some more awesome pictures from Utah and Idaho that I would like to share with you...yes you!

This is Jonathon and Taylor, Jen's older boys. Jonathon on the left, and Taylor on the right after he was baptized.
Here is of course, me and my hubby. Christa took this picture and I love it. It's my background on my laptop!

Here is Chris and Christa with the most awesome scriptures ever!

Me and Emery looking out over SL valley.

This is funny. I am not used to cold weather so when I packed church dress I didn't even think about stockings or anything. So I decided that I would wear sweats underneath until we got to the church for the baptism. And I put sweats on Em under her dress too because I forgot to pack tights for her. Well, we kind of match. It looks so silly but I like this picture.

The Rest of Utah

Thursday, my father in law Daryl came up and we went again to do some things so that he could experience them too. We went to Welfare Square for a tour. They had delicious things to sample at the end: cheese, bread, honey, pb, jam, and the chocolate milk was heavenly... Then we went to the Humanitarian center to do some service before our tour. It was fun to do service. We split up into two groups because our group was so large. The group i worked with stuffed hygiene kits. The other group stuffed school kits. Here we are getting started: me, Pam, Chris, and Christa.
We took some awesome fun pictures from the back of the waterfall without our flash to get just a silhouette. So fun!

Here is my family recreating a statue that was on the left of the photographer.
Here are the girls that were there at the time. Can you figure out who is who?
And here is the octo-man! Just kidding...its my father in law. Me, Christa, and Patricia helped him look more supernatural.
Friday we took Jennifer to the airport and then we drove to Idaho. It was snowing all over, and I thought it was just beautiful!! But only because I don't live in it...We went to visit Jen and Tyler and their 3 boys. Emery got to meet Maxwell who is 1 month older than her. They liked each other.

The next morning was Taylor's baptism. It was a stake baptism and there was like 10 children! I think the chapel was fuller than usual sundays. OK, maybe that's an exxaggeration for my ward, but it was pretty full. The baptism was beautiful of course! Then there was the drive home, which was slightly more comfortable but still long. It was fun, but im happy to be home!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our trip to Utah and Idaho

So we went to Utah to pickup Christa from her mission and I was so excited! I had been dreaming about Christa for days! We drove Monday and it was OK. I was in the back with Emery and Christopher. My ears have been plugged for weeks so I really could not hear any of the conversations, but Emery did well in the car. I feel bad because I think she was really bored, but she was fine other than that. It was me, Em, Christopher, Pam, Heather, Patricia, and Jennifer. A very full car. In fact, our stroller and Christopher's duffel bag went on the top of the car!

We got there late Monday and stayed at Christopher's Aunt Cheryl's house. On Tuesday we got up and watched the new Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theater, met Christa for lunch at the Lion House, then went on a tour by her on Temple Square. We then went back to relax and of course play some Sorry! Same color always wins.... SORRY!

Wednesday was tour day. We picked up Christa in the morning and went to a temple session in the SL temple. Then we went to Tucano's for lunch. It is the best lunch place ever. If you haven't heard of it...it is a brazilian bbq place. Its all you can eat. And they keep bringing you meat on super large skewers, as well as some vegetables, and some grilled pineapple. It's to die for!
Then we went on so many tours I can't even remember!! Umm, the Beehive House and the Relief Society building and the 26th story to check out the valley.....And Amber came to visit and meet Emery, which was awesome.

This is me and Sister Christa Cobabe, who I missed so much, in front of the SLC temple.

This is the family on the 26th story checking out the awesome view of the whole valley.

This is me and my lover in the Lion House for lunch, they had amazing broccoli chicken. And really good rolls.

This is all of us in front of the temple. Its so beautiful!

But my baby is crying so I will have to write a new blog later about the rest of the week!

4 month check up

Emery had her 4 month checkup last Tuesday...a little early since yesterday was actually her 4 month birthday, but anyways...

She was then 17 pounds 4 ounces, 99 percentile. My little monster. And as if to prove me right by that nickname, she now communicates by growling. haha. It's so cute! Especially if she is chewing on her hands or trying to get mine, or grabbing my hair or something. She is also 25.75"

Right now I am sitting on the couch with the laptop on the arm of the couch and she is sitting on my hip, slouched, sleeping. I swear she is the most adorable thing ever. Although I would appreciate it if she slept a little better.

We started giving her solids. We had started with cereal already, and at her appointment the doctor said I could start giving her vegetables and then fruits. So she has now had squash and carrots, and next is green beans. This is her one of the first times she had rice cereal.
She has lost soo much hair! It makes me sad to see her balding, but it is now coming back in and that makes me happy. I like to see her new hair. She still has a little on the crown of her head and a little mullet like thing in the back but Christopher doesn't want me to cut it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Emery likes to fall asleep holding things. Here, I had just bought her this new toy: a ladybug. And then I went to Wal-Mart and she was playing with and then fell asleep. Maybe its just me, but I think my daughter is adorrrrrable!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jungle Jumper

We bought a jumper for her. The same one Maddox has, I thought it was so cute. It was pretty much the last one so we got it just in time. She is just now starting to actually jump in it or turn to play with different toys. But, mostly she is just real content in it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My amazing little sister is doing a fundraiser for EFY this summer. She has about 2 weeks to sell Cookie Lee jewelry, and is hoping to sell enough to pay for it altogether. She doesn't work and I want to help out mostly because I would like to help out my parents. My mom worked at Mervyns so she just lost her job..and although my dad makes the main money in the household, things have been tight lately...

So Sammie, my sister, gave my a Cookie Lee catalog, and order forms. I know all you girls out there reading this love jewelry!! Please look through because if you are going to buy jewelry, it might as well go to a good cause...such as a church camp for a 16 year old girl!

I have it at my place. I will be in UT this week but I will be back Sunday. If you are interested, just let me know by calling or even commenting this blog. I will come to you if needed not this week, but next. The orders need to be in by the 14th, Valentines Day. They should get here by the 21st.

Please help her out! I'm posting her picture to soften your hearts!