Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, first of all I got a new haircut today. Thanks Amelia! Now I think I look more like a mom and less like a teen. My birthday is in 2 weeks and I will finally NOT be a teen anymore. So it was the perfect time for a change.
So, we went walking today. We being me, chris, erick, and amelia. We were trying to get her to go into labor. At target, Christopher was messing around and "scanning" Em. He said "How much do you cost?" I think the thing was broken...she wasn't scanning. Erick said "Priceless."
I'm telling you this because the next line was from me...."That was so cute, I'm going to put it in my blog!"
Erick is glad that he was blogworthy tonight. Funny story, meaningless, and thats why im glad I made this blog. =]

Monday, November 24, 2008

Magic Baby Sleep Book

So I have been hearing wonderful things about this Babywise book to help your baby sleep. On Saturday I said "Let's go buy that book so Emery can sleep better." And Christopher joked about her sleeping better magically just because I bought it, without having read it or anything.

Saturday she slept wonderfully and last night as well. Both nights she went to bed around midnight, woke to feed at 4:30 and then again at 8:30. So today I asked myself, what happened saturday to make her suddenly sleep perfectly?

I bought the book....I highly recommend it. =]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm glad she loves me

I'm trying to break her from her habit of needing me to sleep because although its sweet during the day its stressful at night. So today, just a slight change I had her take her nap in the living room with me but not on me. It took a while to fall asleep but eventually she did. She took a two hour nap and then woke up and wanted to eat, of course. She is a big eater.

After that we went for a short walk to get the mail and when I got back she was fussy. I didn't know what was wrong because usually she is only fussy when shes hungry or tired and she wasnt showing signs of either. But I turned on my itunes and started singing along, and she stopped moving and just stared at me while I was singing. It only took two songs, and she fell back asleep.

I sang her to sleep. It was cute, and I loved that she was just staring at me while I was singing. It's proof that she loves me, because I'm not a good singer =]

Monday, November 17, 2008

Breastflow Bottle

I've started to give her bottles every once in a while. I was looking forward to it so that Christopher could have a chance to feed her, and I could get a break. I tried a little while ago but the flow in the bottle was too fast.

We bought the breastflow bottles from Babies R Us and they are simply amazing. If you are breastfeeding and going to use a bottle sometimes this is definately the one to use. Well, I think its to use even if not breastfeeding. It promotes jaw developement and reduces air flow.

Anyways, Em takes the bottle real well and its nice to have Christopher get to feed her every once in a while.

PS: Today Emery is one month old! Happy seventeenth!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Smiling, Sleeping, Happy Baby

So, today I finally got Emery to take a nap in her bassinet. That is why I have updated my blog SO much. If you didn't notice, they are in the dates where they belong so they are all over. But since, I only had like 3 posts before it was updated, you might as well just look at the whole darn thing. Lots of pictures. I like pictures.

Emery has been smiling for a while now, but never long enough to snap a picture. But I managed to get some this morning and they are truly adorable.
This is her staring off into space. Well actually at the wall. Or the couch. She is always staring at boring things like that, silly girl.
This one looks like a papparazzi shot. I have no idea how to spell that....

She is always more comfortable with a pillow. It's cute.

This brown and pink paisley blanket was made by my friend Brandi. We went to visit her last night and so she could meet Emery. The blanket is so cute and I love visiting friends! Even better is when friends come visit me! {hint to whoever takes it}

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breakfast with Abbie

This morning I met my friend Abbie for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. She had a 3 hour break from school and I, of course, have no plans. ever. Breakfast was nice, and delicious of course. I love their pain perdu! It was her first time seeing Emery and of course, she adored her like all my friends do. Emery loves making new friends, but I have no idea how she is going to remember everyone's name....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friend Summer got this cute little Jordan outfit for her at a shower. Christopher and I are not big into sports, but it is still cute, and even cuter on. I love hats on her. They don't stay on well, but she looks so darn cute!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Sleeping Angel

I love the way Em falls asleep. She can sleep through anything and in any position. But, what she usually needs to sleep is the comfort of me. I know I shouldn't get her so used to it, but it is so sweet the way she sleeps.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I got to shower!

Up until now, when Christopher gets home he showers, and then watches Em so I can shower. But, now I have made things easier. I now bathe her in my tub while I sit in there. It's actually easier just to be holding her in there with me, and she is much more content as well. After she is done, I wrap her up in a towel, and then a blanket, and let her sit in the boppy right outside of the shower. And I leave the shower door halfway open while I shower. She is within reach if she needs anything, I can talk to her and see her. And most of all she is content because she just got her bath. It's wooooooooonderful!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Folsom First Ward

Today we finally went to our own ward for service. For the past two weeks, we have gone with my parents. And the previous Sunday, I was at the hospital. Before that was conference. So it had been a while. She wore a dress her Grandma bought her and she looked truly adorable. I love taking black and white pictures of her.
I love my new ward. It was fun...I sat by Morgan in Relief Society and we just talked about our babies. Nathan is about a month older and was a big baby too. She is going to have lots of little boy friends.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cousin Kenna

Today we went to visit family, and it was so cute that Mckenna wanted to hold Emery. They are a few years apart, but they look almost the same size. Mckenna is so small, and it was adorable to have her "hold" Emery.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Girls

Today, my baby girl Emery met my other girl Sadie. Sadie is mine and Christopher's sweet little, fat little beagle. But she wouldn't be happy stuck in an apartment complex, so she lives with my parents. But, it was cute to see Sadie sniffing at Emery.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Long Night

The day after Halloween...a long night. I guess they were both really tired from a long night.
She sleeps like her Daddy; almost always a hand up there by the face.