Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

Can you believe it is already October? It is amazing how time flies. I think every year goes by way too fast for me. Although, I love the end of the year. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. There is also my birthday in December, and now I have a daughter who celebrates her birthday in October.

The weather is nice. It is pretty hot for October, but it's cooling down, and I think it will be really nice for Emery's birthday party. This weekend is Conference and the Giant Pumpkin Festival in Elk Grove. Next weekend is Christa's wedding. I absolutely love temple weddings. I love being at sealings and getting to listen more closely than I did on my wedding day. The following weekend is Emery's birthday, and her cousin Ethan's birthday and birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Following that is Emery's party weekend (which is outside, so I'm hoping the weather is still nice) and the following weekend is Halloween!! Busy's going to be a lot of fun.

I'm especially excited for the wedding. My sisters-in-law and I made a whole bunch of dresses, skirts, and ties for all the neices and nephews and they are going to look wonderful as a group. I still need to find something for me to wear. I'm sure I could find something from my closet, but what's the fun in that?

We upgraded our TV to a flatscreen, and got rid of our bulky entertainment center for a small one. It has really opened up our front room. I like it. Except that the other center held all of our games, printer, movies, etc. and now I just have those things piled up on the wetbar and kitchen counter. Still slowly re-organizing and cleaning up after the upgrade.

Our family has been doing really well. A lot of love in this home. I'm grateful for that. I hope you all have love in your home as well. Enjoy your October!