Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Miracle

Short Story: My nephew almost drowned. I was there. He is now alive and well.

Now for the whole story...

Saturday the 14th of August was the Going Away Party for my little sister Sammi, who is now in Utah getting ready to start school at BYU. (miss you!) The party was actually an open house from 1-5. My family (husband, kids, and I) got there early so I could help clean and Chris could help look at the broken car. When it was getting closer to lunch time, my parents went shopping for snack food, Sammi, made a gift run to a pregnant friend, and Chris went to pick up In N Out for everyone. I was alone at my moms with my two babes, when my big sister Jennifer got there with her two babes. Bailey is 9, and Ethan is almost 2...same age as Emery.

We were talking in the front room, when Jennifer began wondering where Ethan was. He had been quiet for too long and it made her nervous. Her and Bailey went to look for him, and I was sitting on the couch. I heard Bailey yell for me, "Auntie Netty!! Come here!!" and I walked to find them, thinking Ethan was doing something funny.

I walked through the sliding glass door to find my sister kneeling over her son, who was blue and not breathing. He had fallen in the pool. I ran in the house to grab the phone and dialed 911. I remember freaking out. I think I was jumping up and down because I didn't know what to do. Bailey was crying and Jennifer was pumping his chest. When I got a hold of 911, I had never in my life been more frustrated at the calmness of someone. I understand that they need to stay calm, but I was devastated and I felt like everyone around me needed to be rushing as well. She connected me with the fire department, who got on the line and told me what to do while I waited. So I knelt next to Ethan, with my hand under his head and tilted his head back. After he threw up, I rolled him to his side. The man stayed on the line with me until the paramedics arrived. At this point, he had begun to breathe, at least one breath every 10 seconds was good, the man told me. Jennifer was praying, and Bailey was looking for help from a neighbor. Sammi and Chris had gotten home at the same time, and came to comfort Bailey. My parents arrived soon after yelling "Call 911!" I seem to remember everyone yelling that, while I was already on the phone with them. I think it's just instinct to yell that in an emergency. Your really not thinking at all. No one slowed down to ask "Has anyone called 911 yet?"

The paramedics arrived soon after and helped Ethan breath with one of those pump things in his mouth. They cut off his clothes, asked a bunch of questions, and wheeled him away to the ambulance. Jennifer and Bailey met him there, and the rest of the day was just really weird. Although Emery was too young to truly understand, I believe she was affected by the effect it had on everyone else. She is now scared of sirens, and I believe it's connected to this event. She was also really clingy for the next few days.

So Ethan went to the hospital where he eventually woke up, and was acting normal. He was released early the next morning, within 24 hours!

It's really amazing that he survived this, and that he was back to his old self so quickly thereafter. I know that God was watching over us, and that he blessed our family. I was blessed by the fact that I witnessed a miracle. It strengthed my testimony of his very existence. I know that I had the faith that was needed while this was occurring that he could save lives. I felt the Spirit tell me that he would be fine, and suddenly I knew he would during that ordeal. I looked at Jennifer and I said "It's ok. He's ok." I later promised Bailey, "He will be fine. I promise you that." And I knew what I was saying would be true. What a blessing! What a blessing that my whole family has now to really appreciate the lives of our family, and the breath that God grants us.

Some may say in a situation like this, "If God was real, none of that would have happened in the first place." I completely disagree. God gives us trials, he grants us miracles. This event happened if for NO OTHER reason than to bless me with all that I have mentioned. To show me the faith that I have, and to strengthen my testimony.

I believe there is no way to deny God this miracle. It was all him who saved my nephew.

However, even if you do not believe in God...you can still learn from this. Do not take your breath for granted. Do not take the lives of those you love for granted.


  1. wow jeannette. this made me cry. i think having kids made this very real to me. i don't know what to say except thank you for sharing and reminding me of how powerful and full of mercy our Heavenly Father is. i am so happy that your nephew is ok!

  2. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^