Friday, October 16, 2009

ABC's of Mrs. Cobabe

A – Advocate For: Giving people a chance before judging them.

B – Best Feature: My neck. Is that weird? I like my collarbone. So weird. I know.

C – Could do without: Messes on the floor. Hate sweeping. Hate mopping. Hate vacuuming.

D – Dreams & Desires: Finishing school. Teaching. Having an awesome and very close family. Going to Europe...and New Zealand....and the Caribbean.

E – Essential items: Cell phone. Laptop. Jeans. Pacifier for crying baby.

F – Favourite pastime: Watching TV, Tetris, Cuddling with family, spending time with friends...

G – Good at: Organizing, Card games, Hugging

H – Have never tried: Octopus. Gross.

I – If I Had a Million Dollars: Pay off house, Pay off cars, Pay off credit cards...and then go on vacation! (I think New Zealand would be the first on the list)

J – Junkie For: French fries. Ohmygosh. So good.

K – Kindred Spirit: When I was younger, definately Abbie. We shared a brain. Now, I would have to say Sammie.

L – Little Known Fact: I am pregnant.

M – Memorable Moment: Giving birth to Emery. One year ago tomorrow. Crazy.

N – Never Again Will I: Move into a house when there is still so much work to do.

O – Occasional Indulgence: New pair of shoes. No way do I need another pair. But need and want are completely different.

P – Profession: Mother. Wife. Drill Team Coach. Hopefully one day, teacher.

Q – Quote: Gosh, I can't even think of one right now.

R – Reason to Smile: Emery.

S – Sorry About: Not saying Sorry in enough time to tell you before you passed.

T – Things That Are Worrying You Right Now: Emery's party tomorrow. The amount of space we will have on tables. And Christopher getting the ceiling done this evening.

U – Uninterested In: I'm slightly interested in almost everything.

V – Very Scared Of: Losing loved ones.

W – Worst Habits: Biting/picking at my nails.

X – X Marks My Ideal Vacation Spot: New Zealand.

Y – Yummiest Desert: Pick one? Yeah right. Brownies. Better than Sex Cake. Strawberry shortcake. Crepes.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

Got this from P Dawg at Alis Grave Nil.

If you copy and paste on your own blog, leave me a comment and let me know so I can come read it!


  1. YOU ARE WHAT? CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) :) :) Yay! Love to you and your whole family!!!

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy!! :) and good luck with the party tomorrow...Paisley's is in a few weeks so I'm on the same page as ya! When are you due?

  3. I'm glad you guys actually read. I snuck in that announcement out of see if anyone would even read it. YAY!

    I am due April 30th.

  4. JEANNETTE! YAY! Congratulations!!!