Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Around the House

Finally things are happening around the house. We moved in to our cozy little townhouse on August 29th. Not much has happened since then. My poor husband has been so busy. And when he's not busy, he's tired from always being busy.

Last night we finally switched out the dishwasher. Our motivation was that the "new" dishwasher (actually a hand-me-down) was sitting in our backyard. We got a letter from the HOA that we needed to clean out our backyard by Wednesday. Since it's not much of a mess, we assumed they meant the dishwasher. So it happened. YAY! And the old one Christopher loaded in his truck and dropped off at Lowe's. We switched from a black one to white, so we now have all matching appliances in the kitchen.

Also, Saturday night, Erick and Amelia came over after we went out to dinner. Erick helped Christopher move around the kid's bedroom and put our new IKEA dresser up there. So exciting. So we loaded up Emery's old dresser (which actually belongs to my parents) and took it to my parent's house on Sunday.

There is still a lot to do. The ceiling has to be fixed where the shower was leaking months ago, the texture on the ceiling is not yet completely done, the paint needs to be finished in the bathroom, dining room and entry, and bedroom. Paint needs to be started in the kitchen, stairway, upstairs hallway, and upstairs bathroom. Our room needs to be moved around once the paint is done. And the fridge needs to get settled in to where it belongs--it is currently sticking out of it's little area in the kitchen due to the fact that it is too big for the space.

But, we are on our way...

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