Thursday, June 3, 2010

Water Park

We went to the Water Park a lot this summer. It was so cute watching Emery play in the water, and learn to play on the playground by herself. Averson even enjoyed hanging out outside in his carseat. We went almost every time with Amelia and Mason, so they usually got to enjoy the parks together. They are the cutest best friends!! One time Amelia took Mason, and I was in Elk Grove, so we couldn't go. Mason was "boycotting" the park because he was waiting for Emery...or "Memie" as he says. They really are the cutest little friends. Emery can ride on a swing by herself now but she can't get on it without help. What a big girl!
Aren't they so cute?

Apparently Emery was thirsty. Haha!

Now she is trying to step on the water.

This was right after Mason's incident. Now he has no band-aid but a cool scar above his eye, that will attract girls attention when he's older.

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