Monday, December 8, 2008

Emery's Blessing

Sunday was Emery's baby blessing. It was great to have family come to church and get together afterwards. It was beautiful. Christopher was so nervous. Her grandma bought her a beautiful blessing dress that looked gorgeous on her, as well as a blanket and some shoes. The shoes were adorable, and she really was wearing them under the dress!

The men who helped bless my little baby was Christopher, Papa, Papu, Jeff, Greg, Matt, and Erick.
Here is our little family and our blessed daughter. I am so proud of our little family and I was so happy this day.

Here is Emery with Auntie Sammi, my younger sister.

I can't help but love MY little blessing...

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  1. Chris did a wonderful job! It was a sweet blessing and I am thankful we are in the same ward. Your family is so adorable.