Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wakeboarding & Cobabe "Reunion"

On Wednesday, I went to Folsom Lake with Emery, Amelia, Mason, Matt & Amber & Maddox, Alicia, and Dawn & Chuck on Chuck's boat. I tried wakeboarding about 6 times but I couldn't get up. It was my first time ever trying. The board was really uncomfortable. I felt like I was literally breaking bones in my left foot. That's my excuse as to why I couldn't get up. But, no, hurt.

So we had our Cobabe family reunion this weekend in Rio Vista. Although most of the fam is together often anyways. Still so much fun. We only stayed camping one night. It was so windy! I was afraid Emery wasn't going to be able to sleep it was so loud. But it worked out. On Saturday we went to Sandy Beach, which is pretty much right at the campsite. Jeff brought his sailboat and 2 jet skis.

I love jet skiing. I got a little better at driving them, and I managed to keep Chris from flipping when he was driving. It was so fun! I want one. If you have one, and you need someone to go with, call me.

So, Jeff also brought a wakeboard and he pulls it with his jet ski. I decided to try again. And i got up! The board was much more comfortable. The first 2 times I failed. But the 3rd time I got up. It was easy after you get up once. I rode a few times because I can't last long, but it was pretty much awesome. I rock.

I was sad to leave. I could have been out there all day. We took Emery out on the jet ski, but she fell asleep so fast. Haha. I'll post pictures later.

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