Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Camera -- My Family

On Monday, I got my late Mother's Day Gift. A Beautiful Digital Camera with a replaceable lens. I'm no photo major, but I love taking pictures, and good quality pictures. It was a wonderful gift, and I enjoyed playing around with it so much yesterday. I took lots of pictures of Drill practice, drill try out clinics, the awards banquet, and my family. Here are a few pictures that I took.

Here is my handsome son Averson. He is 2 1/2 weeks old here. I was holding him when I took the picture myself, which is why it is a weird angle.

This is Emery at the Drill Awards Banquet, playing with the confetti stuff from the table with her Auntie. She is gorgeous. This picture reminds me of a cat playing with string. But cuter.

My mother, Mamo with her grandson Avi. I was going to say "newest" grandson, but it's not true. Avi was born May 1st, but my sister-in-law delivered her Odin on May 10th. I absolutely love this picture.

This is probably my favorite photo I have taken so far in regards to the actual photo. This is Vincint, Odin's big brother, and Raigne's little brother. My big brother's little boy.

Christopher laughed when he saw this picture and said she looks just like me. What do you think? Oh man, she is so gorgeous.

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  1. I definitely thinks she looks like you!! she's adorable...and the stage they're at makes them even more cute (most of the time lol)! And your little boy looks like he might look a bit like both you and Chris! Enjoy your new camera, now I want one!! :)