Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby News

Well, here I am one day past my due date and still no baby. It's frusturating since I've been asking her to come out for about two weeks now. I was having contractions early Monday morning and went to the hospital. I was 3cm at 4am and still 3cm at 8am so I went home. They gave me vistaril to help me sleep. My contractions had been 2-3 minutes apart, but when I woke from sleeping they pretty much went away.

Since then, they kind of come and go. Sometimes they are painless and sometimes they make my back hurt really bad [I feel most of the pain in my back]. Today I went to a doctor's appointment but had to see someone other than my normal doctor. She said my baby definately looks ready to come out. She stripped my membranes, which was pretty painful and now the cramps are hurting pretty bad. She also said she would be suprised if I didnt go into labor this weekend. My mother said that the one time she had hers stripped she went into labor about 7hours afterwards. So Christopher and I are hoping for tonight...although we have been hoping for "tonight" for several nights now.

We're so ready for her...I hope she understands that. And I hope the discomfort of stripped membranes is actually worth something. Ironically, I've been sitting at home waiting for labor for a whole week now. Tomorrow is actually a day where I have plans. Obviously I would rather have a daughter tomorrow, but I will be sad to miss my sister's baby shower and my brother's birthday dinner.

Hopefully my next post will be about her birth and not about my frusturation! After she is born, I am going to teach her that it is honorable to be EARLY to EVERYTHING!

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