Friday, October 31, 2008

Party at Crystals Crystal's parents house. We got there kind of late, but there was LOTS of yummy food and we played Scattergories...I love games. By the way, Christopher did Emery's hair for Halloween. In a faux hawk. There are no good pictures of it, but you can kind of see it. Erick and Amelia cracked me up. They went as white trash. Shes very pregnant so it was funny with her belly hanging out.
Christopher and I didn't dress up. I really wanted to. But I had not much time, no money, and no realy cooperation from Christopher either. And i'm one of those people that likes to match. I like costumes that go together. Next year we are going to be the Flinstones with little Pebbles. And hopefully Erick and Amelia will be the Rubbles and Mason can be Bam Bam!

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