Friday, November 14, 2008

Smiling, Sleeping, Happy Baby

So, today I finally got Emery to take a nap in her bassinet. That is why I have updated my blog SO much. If you didn't notice, they are in the dates where they belong so they are all over. But since, I only had like 3 posts before it was updated, you might as well just look at the whole darn thing. Lots of pictures. I like pictures.

Emery has been smiling for a while now, but never long enough to snap a picture. But I managed to get some this morning and they are truly adorable.
This is her staring off into space. Well actually at the wall. Or the couch. She is always staring at boring things like that, silly girl.
This one looks like a papparazzi shot. I have no idea how to spell that....

She is always more comfortable with a pillow. It's cute.

This brown and pink paisley blanket was made by my friend Brandi. We went to visit her last night and so she could meet Emery. The blanket is so cute and I love visiting friends! Even better is when friends come visit me! {hint to whoever takes it}

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