Monday, November 17, 2008

Breastflow Bottle

I've started to give her bottles every once in a while. I was looking forward to it so that Christopher could have a chance to feed her, and I could get a break. I tried a little while ago but the flow in the bottle was too fast.

We bought the breastflow bottles from Babies R Us and they are simply amazing. If you are breastfeeding and going to use a bottle sometimes this is definately the one to use. Well, I think its to use even if not breastfeeding. It promotes jaw developement and reduces air flow.

Anyways, Em takes the bottle real well and its nice to have Christopher get to feed her every once in a while.

PS: Today Emery is one month old! Happy seventeenth!

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  1. I missed you yesterday!
    Tomorrow Brandy ( from bunco) is having a DOVE chocolate party! I wanted to invite you and Amelia.
    email me if you are interested and I will forward you the evite.
    or you can call me 989.3193