Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a good day...

I decided to let Emery cry it out last night. It was kind of hard to just let her cry. I'm glad it only lasted for 45 minutes. The funny thing is when she stopped crying, I felt the impression to go get her and hold her. Even though the point of letting her cry it out is so I don't have to hold her every night...

So I fed her at 10. Tried to put her to bed. Let her cry it out 10:45-11:30. And then she slept until about 4:45. Almost 7 hours...longest she's ever gone. I knew she could do it. Hopefully in 2 more nights of letting her cry, she will be an expert sleeper. Like Mason, maybe? Jealous.

I gave her her first big girl bath today. She loved it, kicking her feet and flailing her arms all over the place, and there was waves. She liked being free I guess. She kept turning her head and getting water all in her eye and mouth. But she learned. We'll see if she has to re-learn that next time. It was nice because I got to do my hair and brush my teeth and la-dee-da while she was in the bath. What a big girl.

And now she is napping. She is growing so fast, I can't decide if I'm glad or sad. A little of both I guess.

Beth is going to watch her for me today while I go get an hour massage at Massage Envy. It will be amazing. Tonight I am going to be in the greatest mood ever. So, if you need any favors...call me tonight. PS: My therapists' name is Jeannette, but probably not spelled like that. Cool, huh. It's so weird to me to meet other girls with my name. I'm not used to saying my name out loud I guess.

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  1. Don't feel bad about the crying it out thing. Here's my best piece of advice to you: Do what you are comfortable with. My kids wouldn't ever do the crying it out thing. That meant some long nights for me, but you have to realize that the time when you CAN hold them and rock them and soothe them doesn't last very long in the grand scheme of things-- I miss it now. You have to do what works for you. I know a lot of people who were big into CIO and it just wasn't for us. Too hard on them, too hard on me... I knew that the best thing for Ad and Hank was for me to be there for them and hold them. But the most important thing is to do what you feel is right FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY, not what anybody says is the 'right' way. Nobody else knows what your kid needs better than you.

    I think I go to a Jeannette at Massage Envy too. Which one? The one by Best Buy?