Sunday, April 17, 2011

Abbie's Fairy Tale Bridal Shower

THE FOOD: Each item was named after a princess which inspired it.
RAPUNZEL- long hair? Fettuccinne alfredo. Get it?
CINDERELLA- Pumpkin Pasta. Recipe from my friend Amber. Delicious! Don't knock it til you tried was a favorite at the shower.
SNOW WHITE- Apples and caramel. Yum. No poison in these apple either!
JASMINE- Pita and hummus.
MULAN- Fortune cookies. Some of the fortunes were amazing. Like the one the bride got saying that she would marry someone huh?
BELLE- French bread. So simple, so scrumptious. Even managed to get an entire baguette home. Not that there is still an entire baguette in my home. =o
Strawberry lemonade. Seemed princessy, ya?
Gorgeous manzanita decor that I helped my sister in law make. But Christa definitely did the bulk of it. Isn't is gorgeous?
My flower wands. They caused a bit (my husband would say more than a bit) of frustration. So it made me feel good when the girls thought they were so cute!

The complete for a princess?

Carry Abbie like a princess fitting.
Carry Jeannette game...I like this one!
<3 her!

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  1. Wow Jeannette! How fun was this? I love all the ideas you had. The food, the wands. :) Great job! You are so talented, just like your momma. :)