Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chris' 25th Birthday

For Christopher's 25th birthday, I planned a little weekend getaway for the two of us. My in-laws watched the kiddos and we went out to San Fran. It was a very short trip, just a one nighter...but it was wonderful. We stayed at the Hotel Frank, parked our car and used BART. It was fun getting around on BART together, and trying to understand it all. Neither one of us had ever ridden on the system before. We went indoor skydiving at iFly SF Bay, and it was amazing. A ton of fun! We walked around the city a bit that night, just enjoying time together. The next day, we walked around a bit more and shopped a little. The city is so much more enjoyable without a car! We went to Sausalito and had lunch at the Spinnaker. If you have never been there, it is fantastic. It was a special surprise for Chris that we were eating there. It is where we had dinner the night that he proposed to me in Frisco! Brought back wonderful memories eating there again...we had such a blast and can't wait for our next little getaway..whenever that might be.

The three pictures above are taken directly after indoor skydiving. You can see the crazy goggle imprints on our faces...and me trying desperately to untangle my hair. It was in a pony, but the front strands would fly up through the hole in the top of the helmet and was immensely affected by the wind tunnel.

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