Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flower Wands

My longest friend Abbie is getting married next month. I've known her since I was born. I threw her a Bridal Shower yesterday and made the wands on Friday as shower favors. Her wedding reception will be held at Fairy Tale Town, so I stuck with that and threw a Fairy Tale Bridal Shower.

The wands are easy. This was my first attempt, and I'm sure with every attempt I could make them look cuter. If you want to attempt, there are several ways, but I will share how I made mine. You need:

wire cutter
floral tape
ribbons, any number, color, or length
I don't remember the size of dowel I used. I just looked at the choices. Found two that would be good size, and bought the cheaper one. My husband cut the dowels into 3 same size pieces. You can cut to your prefered length.
Use the wire cutters to cut the flowers off your bunches. You can use one or multiple flowers on a wand. Leave a few inches so you can attach to the dowel.
Hold the flower next to dowel so flower will be sitting on the top when attached.
Wrap in floral tape. You could also use hot glue, or a combination.

I then painted the dowels. I painted from the tips all the way up to the flowers, although in this picture the tape is not yet painted. You can leave the tape alone if you like the natural looking. I was not going for natural, I was going for princess. I used 3 coats of pink acrylic paint.
When they were done, I tied ribbon around them. I used variety of length in pink, silver, and white. They were all tied different. This was the hardest part for me...making the bows and knots look good. You can hot glue to hold ties or bows in place, but I did not.

Voila! A bouquet full of princess wands for Bride-to-be Princess Abbie!

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