Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wilkin's Easter Egg Hunt

We were invited to a wondrous egg hunt at the Wilkins last weekend. Emery had a blast. It was fun because there were cousins on both sides there as well. My sister Jennifer was there with her kids, and Chris' brother Greg was there with his family.

Trying to get a group picture of the kids and count them all to decide how many eggs per child. You can see Emery and Bailey in the center, with my sister Jen and her Ethan off to the side, and Chris and Avers in the top left corner.
Emery with cousins Ethan and Emerson preparing to hunt down eggs.
Showing off her beautiful handmade basket.
The search was hard to get cute photos because her eyes were always down.

Everytime she saw one, she would yell "egg!" and then run and get it. So cute!

Checking out the goodies...


Emery and Bailey.

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