Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Baskets

I decided to do homemade easter baskets this year. They turned out pretty cute!

I just wrapped ice cream buckets with fabric and then decorated. Averson got a deep blue dragonfly flower fabric.
I added thick ribbon around the top, tied black ribbon around the center, and added clusters of sequins. I just put a pile of hot glue, and dumped the sequins on to see what would stick.
I used green and blue buttons to put his initials--AC.
I wrapped the handle in ribbon. A ribbon handle adds a lot!
Emery did most of her own decorating. I wrapped it and let her go crazy with shape stickers.

I made her a ribbon handle, a ribbon top, and together we added some sequins all over the basket with elmers glue. When she was done and away from the table, I hot glued all her stickers so they would stay.

Ribbon handle. :)
On the bottom of the basket, I hot glued EM <3 in sequins.

Both kids love their baskets. I dont expect them to last too long, maybe not even until next year...but it was a fun project and I used only what I (or my mom) had around the house!

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