Friday, January 16, 2009

Emery can roll over

Last Friday, umm..the 19th? Emery almost rolled over and it was out of the blue but awesome. Then on Wednesday this week the 14th, Christopher and I were having dinner at Erick and Amelia's and I said "Emery, now would be a great time to roll over." [or something along those lines...i dont remember exactly what i said]

And she did! So I put her back on her tummy and said [something like] " it again!" And she did! It was only twice but it was cool. Yesterday I went to my parents and she hasnt done it again since then, but atleast Christopher, Erick and Amelia can back me up!

My daughter is a genius..and she will be 3 months tomorrow. Eeek...isnt that amazing? Pretty soon she'll be getting married...

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