Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Big Girl

We moved Emery into her own room. The first night went relatively well for her, not so much for Christopher and I. It was weird...not having her in there with us. And we were scared..although we shouldn't be at our location. The second nigh (last night) didn't go quite as well. But Em hasnt been feeling well and she just had a rough night. I'm sure she still would have been difficult if she was in our room with us.

So today I went to visit Mamo (my mom) for some company and support during the day, and I got to take an hour and a half nap in my mom's waterbed while she watched Em. It was nice.

PS: Right now Christopher is holding Emery. She just fell asleep and sometimes she sleeps with her eyes slightly open. The funny thing is that even when she is sleeping, if you smile she will respond with a smile of her own. How cute is that? I love my booger....

I'm going nuts at home all the time. So if anyone wants to hangout or needs some company during the day, just give me a call.

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