Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Utah Pictures

Here are some more awesome pictures from Utah and Idaho that I would like to share with you...yes you!

This is Jonathon and Taylor, Jen's older boys. Jonathon on the left, and Taylor on the right after he was baptized.
Here is of course, me and my hubby. Christa took this picture and I love it. It's my background on my laptop!

Here is Chris and Christa with the most awesome scriptures ever!

Me and Emery looking out over SL valley.

This is funny. I am not used to cold weather so when I packed church dress I didn't even think about stockings or anything. So I decided that I would wear sweats underneath until we got to the church for the baptism. And I put sweats on Em under her dress too because I forgot to pack tights for her. Well, we kind of match. It looks so silly but I like this picture.

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