Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Rest of Utah

Thursday, my father in law Daryl came up and we went again to do some things so that he could experience them too. We went to Welfare Square for a tour. They had delicious things to sample at the end: cheese, bread, honey, pb, jam, and the chocolate milk was heavenly... Then we went to the Humanitarian center to do some service before our tour. It was fun to do service. We split up into two groups because our group was so large. The group i worked with stuffed hygiene kits. The other group stuffed school kits. Here we are getting started: me, Pam, Chris, and Christa.
We took some awesome fun pictures from the back of the waterfall without our flash to get just a silhouette. So fun!

Here is my family recreating a statue that was on the left of the photographer.
Here are the girls that were there at the time. Can you figure out who is who?
And here is the octo-man! Just kidding...its my father in law. Me, Christa, and Patricia helped him look more supernatural.
Friday we took Jennifer to the airport and then we drove to Idaho. It was snowing all over, and I thought it was just beautiful!! But only because I don't live in it...We went to visit Jen and Tyler and their 3 boys. Emery got to meet Maxwell who is 1 month older than her. They liked each other.

The next morning was Taylor's baptism. It was a stake baptism and there was like 10 children! I think the chapel was fuller than usual sundays. OK, maybe that's an exxaggeration for my ward, but it was pretty full. The baptism was beautiful of course! Then there was the drive home, which was slightly more comfortable but still long. It was fun, but im happy to be home!

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