Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our trip to Utah and Idaho

So we went to Utah to pickup Christa from her mission and I was so excited! I had been dreaming about Christa for days! We drove Monday and it was OK. I was in the back with Emery and Christopher. My ears have been plugged for weeks so I really could not hear any of the conversations, but Emery did well in the car. I feel bad because I think she was really bored, but she was fine other than that. It was me, Em, Christopher, Pam, Heather, Patricia, and Jennifer. A very full car. In fact, our stroller and Christopher's duffel bag went on the top of the car!

We got there late Monday and stayed at Christopher's Aunt Cheryl's house. On Tuesday we got up and watched the new Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theater, met Christa for lunch at the Lion House, then went on a tour by her on Temple Square. We then went back to relax and of course play some Sorry! Same color always wins.... SORRY!

Wednesday was tour day. We picked up Christa in the morning and went to a temple session in the SL temple. Then we went to Tucano's for lunch. It is the best lunch place ever. If you haven't heard of is a brazilian bbq place. Its all you can eat. And they keep bringing you meat on super large skewers, as well as some vegetables, and some grilled pineapple. It's to die for!
Then we went on so many tours I can't even remember!! Umm, the Beehive House and the Relief Society building and the 26th story to check out the valley.....And Amber came to visit and meet Emery, which was awesome.

This is me and Sister Christa Cobabe, who I missed so much, in front of the SLC temple.

This is the family on the 26th story checking out the awesome view of the whole valley.

This is me and my lover in the Lion House for lunch, they had amazing broccoli chicken. And really good rolls.

This is all of us in front of the temple. Its so beautiful!

But my baby is crying so I will have to write a new blog later about the rest of the week!

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