Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Speaking of sleeping...

I finally made the bumpers to her crib! Not all by myself, thanks mom! But I'm still proud of the work that I did. I did most of it, just had my mom help on the parts I wasn't confident in. Doesn't it look cute? Next is the dust ruffle.

:) She fell asleep in the car holding onto my diaper bag.
We bought this moses basket for Emery. Right now she is sleeping in the basket, which is placed in her crib because the more snug she is, the better she sleeps. But sometimes she will nap in it in the front room or somewhere else if im at my mom's, I'll take it with me. She always turns her head up to the side and somewhat muzzles it. Also, I took pictures on a day that she kicked her leg up and it went through the handle. I guess she sleeps well with one leg up.

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