Friday, May 22, 2009

John's is incredible!

Our good friends Willie and Crystal are moving to Hawaii on Wednesday (bummer?) we went out last night. Crystal absoutely LOVES John's Incredible Pizza. So, we went to dinner there. If you haven't been there. It's a buffet. Incredible pizza. {thats the perfect word to explain it, wonder how I thought of it}

You can even request specialty pizzas. My favorite was margherita pizza. But, they have more than just pizza. Salads, pastas, potatoes, dessert, etc. And, it's like Chuck E Cheese. Games and arcade stuff, bumper cars, and lots more. It's a lot of fun. Amelia was busy doing hair, but Erick came with us and brought along Mason.
This is Crystal with Mason. He is playing with/eating Emery's zebra. He loves that thing.

My new favorite picture of me and my daughter. <3

She didn't actually ride this. I just put her in it for a picture. Silly mommy with her silly pictures.

Well, enough updating for now...I have to go start dinner and take care of Em and get ready for that silly class tonight [maybe I'll talk about that later].


  1. I use the little plastic ones they have for babies/kids, like the kind people used back in middle school to do the little cornrows or whatever you call those things lol I got them at target

  2. How fun! I love that picture of you and her too!!!! I love it!