Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I had an amazing weekend!

Friday, Amelia and I had to do shopping for the ward picnic. Then she did my hair again because it was fading. So now im red hot again! My sister came over to stay the night and go to the picnic with me. So Friday night, we were at the Kuty's house with them and Sammi, Alicia, Amber, and the Greens. We played games. You know I love my game nights. We played Last Word and Things. Probably havent heard of them, but they are so fun! And a few people worked on making pizzokies for the rest of us. So good! I was just so excited to be playing games. When we got home we were so tired and so we pretty much crashed, Emery included.

Saturday morning we were supposed to be at the park at 8 to start setting up. But, when you become a mom it gets harder and harder to be on time. We got there at 9. Party started at 11:30. There was lots of food, lots of yummy dessert, and fun stuff. There was an easter egg hunt, which Emery didn't participate in...the easter bunny, who Emery didn't get a picture with because I think they are scary...a 3 legged race...prizes for the kids, Emery won a blue bunny...cookie decorating....a weird buggy bike thing that we went on [we being me, Em, and Sammie]...and the playground right next to us so Emery was on the swings for a bit. Afterwards, we had to clean up, and I think we left around 3. Emery got a bit sunburnt. Poor thing! But it's not too's already pretty much gone.

As we were driving home, we got a call from a friend Eric from the ward. He was going disc golfing and wanted Chris to go. So we ran some stuff inside, went to the bathroom :], picked some things up and went to their house. Chris went with Eric and I stayed with his wife Beth and their 2 kids. We talked and watched Disney movies, and played Kismus [i think thats what it was called], it is almost like Yahtzee.

Side note: I won.

Then they fed us dinner and we left at like 6:45? We went to my mother in laws to drop off Emery and then booked it to the Van Maren building to see The Garden. It was an allegorical musical production on the Savior's Atonement. It was pretty good. There was some really excellent parts, and some wonderful voices. Plus, it was nice to get out without Emery. We sat by Josh and Candie and then we went out to frozen yogurt, and they treated us. It was so yummy! I absolutely love frozen yogurt.

Again, when we got home we were all so tired, even Emery so we crashed. Sunday morning we had to get up and get ready so we could drive to Elk Grove and go to church with my parents at 9:00. My sisters were there too. After church, we went back to my parents and played some games and ate lunch and hung out. Around 3:00, we left their house to go to Chris' parents house. When the rest of the family was there, we ate dinner and had an egg hunt. This time, Emery participated. She got 6 eggs. But, mommy and daddy get everything that was inside. Mmmm. And later, all us girls plus Victoria and Macey got together at the table and played spoons. It was my first time. But, I love all games.

Again, I came home exhausted. Busy weekend, and I was excited to just relax but I was hoping Emery would let me sleep. I fed her at 9:30 and put her to bed. When she was crying a bit, I went in and rubbed her back until she fell asleep. It was just a few minutes, and then she slept until........

.....7:15! It was amazing. I feel so well-rested. Thank you heavenly father! I think he is trying to help me relax and get rest since right now, my trials are coming by way of no money.

Anyways, it was a wonderful weekend. Busy...but it was so much fun! I got to play like 6 different games this weekend. So fun!! I will post pictures later because I have some awfully cute ones! I hope everyone else had a great Easter!

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