Friday, April 24, 2009

The happiest place on planet Earth.

is Disney Land. And I have not been in a while. I have been "craving" it for a while now. I just really need to get me some Disney characters, some Space Mountain, some light parade, or some Tower or Terror.

I wish I could just take off one weekend and go. But it's not that easy. Especially now that I have my daughter here. And It wouldn't be so fun with just my little family because my husband and I wouldn't even be able to ride on stuff together. As much as I love the rides, I don't think I would care to ride them alone all day.

I think the reason I have been wanting so bad is that I used to go every year. But when I went in 2008, I was pregnant. Disneyland + pregnant = not as much fun as it should be. So that year didn't really count. And I didn't get to go this year because of money.

In December, I am turning 21. Woohoo! I'm thinking about going to Disney Land. But, I also recently started thinking about Hawaii, where I've never been. I know Hawaii would be the obvious choice. But, still, I am CRAVING me some Grizzly River Run, some Soarin' Over California, and Splash Mountain. Oh, I dont know....

There should be a Disney Land in Hawaii.

The end.

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