Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Night's BBQ

Last night, my family and I went to a GDC BBQ. Don't understand the lingo? Group Date Club Barbecue. Haha. It was us, the Kutys, Trogdons, Greens, McAllisters, and 2 other couples who are friends of the Greens/Trogdons. It is just so nice to get out every once in a while, ya know?

So, Josh and Joe bbq'ed tri tip. [Everytime I type this, I accidentally type trip tip, and have to fix it] Anyways, it was delicious. As was the corn on the cob. And my fruit salad. And Brooke's mint brownies. Mmmmm. What if Brooke made 1 million brownies and forced us to eat them all last night? Then...._______________________.

So, we played games. We played a boys v. girls version of Pictionary. Girls wrote on papers some phrases/movies/things for the boys and vice versa. Anyways, the boys won. But, we didn't realize how hard they were going to make theirs! The boys wrote for us: channel locks, crank shaft, flu pipe, Marginot Line.... I had Marginot Line. Joe had to take me outside (take it outside!) and tell me what it was and what I could draw. We didn't get a point for that one. But, the girls wrote easier ones...napkin holder, flat iron, hay fever, eyelash curler. Next time we play, it's so on!

After that we decided to play the "What if?" game. In this game, everyone write on a piece of paper a What if... question. For example "What if we all grew tails?" or "What if ears grew out of our toes?" Then all the papers would be folded, mixed and we would all choose one. We would write an answer for whichever question we drew such as "Then we could swing around from tree to tree upside down" or "Then we could mix our earwax with our toejam." Then we fold them, mix them again, and draw them one last time. We go around in a circle reading them but person 1 will read their question and person 2 will read that answer. Such as "What if we all grew tails? Then we could mix our earwax with our toejam." Or in reverse, "What if our ears grew out of our toes? Then we could swing around tree to tree upside down." Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they aren't, sometimes they actually make sense, most of the time they dont. But it's such a fun game!

Anyways, it was nice to get out and hangout with friends. I enjoyed myself. Best of all, Christopher actually played and participated in both of these games. It was awe-some!

BTW, we drove around with Greg today looking at some houses, condos, and townhouses in our price range in Folsom, Orangevale, and Fair Oaks. We found a good townhome in Folsom. We are going to put in an offer. We'll see how that goes. I'll keep you all updated.

Still waiting to hear about the coaching position. Expecting a call on Monday.


  1. Haha, I LOVED your post. Last night was so much fun and I loved the "what if" game the most. Seriously, Joe told me that Erick thought of all the SUPER hard Pictionary questions. Come on... BOLIVIA??? No way man, I loved that we put "menstral cycle" so funny. I can't wait for the next GDC get together. So fun.

  2. Wow, that's so exciting that you're putting in an offer on a home! We talked to a realtor today too and are super excited to start looking! Let me know what happens with your offer...where is the townhouse? (PS Josh says your fruit salad was D-licious!)

  3. I don't think Bolivia was as hard at Marginot Line! It was a piece of cake compared to that. And that one was Joes....Chris did crankshaft and channel locks.

    The townhouse is on Wales. It's right next to the park, library, in walking distance of the zoo. It's all really nice, except I don't want to leave the ward =(