Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm all excited like im in high school again

So, I got a coaching position! If you know me well, you know just how much this means to me. If you don't, then I'll tell you.

I was on my high school's Drill Team. Elk Grove High School. In none other than Elk Grove, CA. I was on the team my sophomore, junior and senior year, and I was captain my Jr [1 of 5] and Sr [1 of 3] years. I absolutely LOVE drill team. I don't know what it is about it, but it is a passion of mine. I didn't want to graduate, because I didn't want to leave! My little sister became a freshman when I graduated and she joined the team. I got to continue living the team life through her. Last spring, the coach was leaving and they were in need of a new one. I jumped at the opportunity. I had an interview, felt great about it because I think I have pretty rock solid experience. But, in the end I didn't get the position. I recently found out, that even if I was the better choice, I couldn't have gotten the position, because it goes to someone in the district first automatically. The one chosen was from the district. I was heartbroken.

But it turns out that this coach only lasted for a year. Or slightly less. So, they were looking again. As I began to get excited at another opportunity to coach, I also began to feel more anxious. I am scared of failure. I failed at this last year. But, in the end, my desire was stronger than my fear, and so I decided to try again. My fear of failing is the reason why I didn't write a blog post earlier. I was afraid to tell everyone about the team, and then not get the position.

An old teammate called me when she heard they were looking for a coach. Kaila and I decided we would try to get co-coaching positions. That way I would not have to drive out from Folsom everyday, and the burden would be lighter for both of us. Before my interview, she earned a promotion at work and realized that even a co-coaching position would be too much for her to handle at this point. When the VP called me to schedule an interview, she also told me that another former member was interested. Of course, I started racking my brain through old teammates who were still in the area, wondering who it would be, and if they would be interested in coaching alongside me rather than competing against me for the position.

Coach was able to tell me, so she called to tell me it was Val. [Isn't it weird that now, I'm going to be Coach?] Well, I love Val. She is amazing. So much fun to be around. We were captains together my junior year with 3 others, so we had worked together previously. I "facebook messaged" her and she said she would be interested in a co-coaching position with me. So, I had my interview last Tuesday. (9 days ago) They said they would call me likely by the end of the week, but possibly the beginning of "next week." (this week) So, Thursday came. No call. Friday. No call. I didn't expect a call on the weekend. Monday I was anxiously awaiting. Freaking out, might be the term to best describe me. I thought they would call during school hours. I'm not sure why I assumed that, just did. So 3:00 rolls around, and I figure I will have to wait until Tuesday.

I was at the airport in the parking lot, getting ready to put Emery in her stroller when I got the message. I guess I had missed the call. At the end of the message, she said "I look forward to speaking to you." My heart jumped. "It must mean I got the job, right? She wouldn't say she looks forward to breaking my dream, right? What kind of person would look forward to telling somebody no?" So I called her back, and sure enough I got it. Co-coaching with Val. I am so excited. So ecstatic. So ________. (fill in the blank with a professional sounding synonym)

This week is try-outs. Val and I went to meet the captains and watch the try-outs yesterday. First of, it was great to see Val. I haven't seen her in a long time. Second, I was jealous of these girls. I miss the team so much. But Val and I began talking about the changes we would like to make, or more along the lines of re-establish, traditions and the like from our years. We both are so excited to coach the team, and excited to try to rebuild this team that has been slowly falling apart. Only about 25 girls are trying out. It's amazing. Val said that her sophomore year, her first year, about 115 girls tried out. About 30 would make the team. We would like to rebuild the team to build the unity it was lacking this year, and to bring the fun back, and to hopefully make it appealing to many other students who would try out next year.

Even as I write this, my heart starts pounding. I want to start right away. I'm ready to order uniforms, start a camp routine, and most of all, prepare for Disney Land!! Woo hoo....

By the way, you better all attend all the fundraisers!


  1. I'm so happy for both of you, and even more happy for the team and the school. It's back in good hands. So glad that you guys know what a Drill Team should look like and you're going to bring back some of the old traditions. yay!

    Love ya,
    The Original Coach

  2. Congrats major!!! I know how much this means to you!!! :)

  3. Hey there! Not sure if you remember me or not... I'm Mari Lyn Benson. I'm so thrilled that you and Val got the job. It's been sad for me to see the team slowly fall apart and get away from it's roots. I'm happy to know that you guys will bring it back! I loved being on the team in HS and had a great time co-coaching it w/Stickert for a short time too. It has such a tradition in EG. When I was on the team, over 150 people tried out and there were about 40 girls on the team. It was impressive! Best of luck to you and Val... happy to help if you ever need it!