Monday, April 6, 2009

Folsom Powerhouse

So, my dad I guess was wandering around Fry's and didn't have anything to buy so he decided to buy the new Pinocchio for Emery. So yesterday, my parents came to visit to bring it to me (but they forgot!--how silly). Well we hung around and chatted for a while and decided to go on a walk. We walked down the hill and towards Old Folsom to the Folsom Powerhouse. I had never been there, and Christopher had never been on the tour- so we went on it. Christopher and my dad found it so very exciting...but me, I barely listened. Some things were cool, but I'm not one for tours. Although there was a picture of Folsom a long time ago and that was cool to look at.

When we got home I was so tired (because I had to come back up the hill of course) and I turned on my Wii and I have the forecast channel. So I put it on "globe" and you can look at the whole world and pick some cities and it will show you their forecast. It was awesome. Have you ever heard of Easter Island? Or Christmas Island? And did you know that yesterday afternoon, Mount Everest and the South Pole were both -17 degrees. Cool, huh? was a nice day I think. All except for Emery is sick. Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon. And now, she has 2 teeth!

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